Specna Arms

Specna Arms SA-C04

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  • Specna Arms SA-C04

The CORE ™ line by Specna Arms was designed with one aim in mind to meet the needs and expectations of customers. With an attractive price point and their solid feel due to the high quality materials used they are suitable for the beginner and seasoned airsofter alike.      

This rifle carries the licensed trademarks of Rock River Arms. Rock River Arms (RRA) is an American manufacturer of parts, accessories for firearms and, above all, high-quality Rifles from the AR-15 family. RRA manufactures high-quality AR-15 rifles at an affordable price and in various variants. for anti-drug agencies DEA, FBI or US Marshals 

The upper and lower receiver, stock and grip are made from Nylon fibre reinforced polymer. The outer barrel, RIS rail, flash hider and all screws and pins are metal. The adjustable stock is slightly oversized in the special forces style, this allows the stock to accommodate larger batteries such as the Nuprol 2600mah Lipo. 

This rifle has a quick change spring system so the spring can be changed without removing the gearbox from the rifle. This rifle can be powered by Lipo , LiFe or NiMH batteries.

A rotary hop unit is coupled to a precision 6.03 barrel to give superior range and accuracy. The outer barrel is threaded to accept 14mm counter clockwise accessories.

The set includes:

- replica 
- magazine  
- mechanical sights 
- RIS cladding 
- tactical front grip 
- battery 
- charger


Specna Arms

Specna Arms SA-C04

Sold out


Under the Violent Crimes Reduction Act  to purchase a Realistic Imitation Firearm in the UK a person is required to have a "Legal Defence". If you have one please check the appropriate box before adding a weapon to the basket.

Legally you must be 18 years or over to purchase an airsoft weapon whether it is a RIF or Two Tone.