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Specna Arms SA-B06 carbine replica

  • Specna Arms SA-B06 carbine replica

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Specna Arms SA-B06 carbine replica


The SA-B06 carbine replica by Specna Arms is made of zinc and aluminium alloy, with use of steel elements in the most crucial places of the replica (hence all screws, pins and sling mount are made of steel). The fixed stock and pistol grip were made of polymer. The receiver of the replica and RIS rail system have been anodised, which guarantees a high level of protection from corrosion. The painting of the replica was done with pulverisation technique, after sandblasting the surface. This method of applying the paint guarantees much higher than usual wear resistance. The receiver bears USMC markings.

 The replica will work with LiPo and LiFe type batteries. The gearbox is reinforced at the cylinder head and contains a steel spring guide and steel gears on 8mm ball bearings. The system is secured with four anti-reversal latches.

The Upgraded Version is equipped with some new, improved internal parts:

- set of reinforced steel gears
- steel spring guide
- lightweight, polymer piston
- aluminium, sealed piston head
- metal cylinder head
- air seal metal nozzle

After removing the carrying handle a 22mm RIS rail is exposed allowing the fitting of various types of scope. The replica is equipped with adjustable iron sights made of metal. The battery can be placed inside the fixed stock. A lot of space available inside the stock allows for a high-capacity battery to be used. A standard flash hider was mounted on a 14mm CCW thread, which allows a silencer to be mounted in its place.

The replica was equipped with a working bolt catch for increased realism.

The replica is sold with a steel hi-cap magazine holding 300 BBs. Its colouring matches the colour of military-issued magazines.

Under the Violent Crimes Reduction Act  to purchase a Realistic Imitation Firearm in the UK a person is required to have a "Legal Defence". If you have one please check the appropriate box before adding a weapon to the basket.

Legally you must be 18 years or over to purchase an airsoft weapon whether it is a RIF or Two Tone.