Practical pistol shooting is a sport where the winner has the best time versus the highest accuracy of the other competitors. A course can be made up of static, moving and reactive target types which the competitor is required to engage in a set manner. The sport is still run with the highest possible standards of safety, even though we now use imitation firearms, namely gas blowback and Co2 pistols, we still treat this equipment as though it were the real thing. This allows our shooters to be capable of competing and shooting anywhere in the world as they already possess the safety abilities required.

Practical Pistol/ Rifle is held every Tuesday 7pm-10pm and costs £10.00 per head.

We have a different course every month and a top 12 leaderboard for everyone to try to get to the top of.

For further information call: 01702 202318 and speak to one of our friendly staff.