Airsoft / Nerf / Parties

What hours do you open?

The whole place, arena, shooting range and shop is open 10:00am to 10:00pm six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday. At present we are closed on Mondays.

Is the shop open all day?

Yes the shop is open 10:00am to 10:00pm


Airsoft Skirmish & Shooting Range

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is similar to paintball but it does not use paint. The guns are more realistic and they fire 6mm plastic pellets.

How do you know you hit someone?

Airsoft is an honour based game. When you are hit you are expected to raise your hand to indicate that you are out of play.

Does it hurt?

If you wear loose fitting clothing made of a dense fabric such as cotton you will feel a tap as the pellet hits you. Hits to bare flesh sting and can leave a slight red mark. Joggers although loose do not offer much protection.

What is CQB?

CQB stands for close quarters battle. Typically CQB games take place in a confined space such as a factory or offices. At Hockley Airsoft Arena we have constructed a purpose-built arena which simulates a hotel environment.

What happens if someone is not taking their hits?

At Hockley Airsoft Arena we have at least two marshals in the arena. Players not taking their hits should be reported to the marshals and they will deal with the issue.

I am new to airsoft, what do I need to bring?

The hire of a gun and a full face mask is included in the price. All you need to do is bring a signed participation form and wear suitable clothing. Gloves are strongly advised as your hands are very vulnerable and a scarf or hoodie to protect your neck.

Do I need any paperwork signed before I play?

Yes. All players must complete a participation form before they play their first game at the arena. Once this is completed this is placed on our database and updated annually. Please let us know if you change address, or other details. 

I am under 16 do I need parental/guardian permission?

Yes. All players under 16 need parental/guardian permission to play airsoft. Please ask them to complete your participation form before you come for the first time. Again this is only require the first time you play and details are kept on our database.

Where can I get a participation form from?

Participation forms can be collected from the arena or downloaded from our website.

What is your FPS limit?

Our FPS limit for the arena is a maximum of 294fps. This makes it safer and more comfortable than the usual 330fps. The target range has a limit of 500fps.

Can I bring my own gun?

Yes, we will test it with a chronograph to make sure it meets our speed requirements every time it is brought to the arena.

Is there a first aider on site?

Yes. There is always at least one trained first aider on site at all times.

Do you have insurance specifically covering airsoft gaming?

Yes. We hold public liability insurance for £5,000,000 and are specifically insured for all airsoft and Nerf gaming and target shooting.

Is Airsoft played in the dark?

Mostly we leave the lights on in the arena. However, there are a few games which are played with either all the lights off or most of the lights off. We ask that if anyone is going to use a strobe light that they inform us so we can ask if anyone has epilepsy. Torches are permitted. No lasers.

Can I use my own BBs?

Yes as long as they are biodegradable.

Am I allowed food and drink in the arena or the shooting range?

You may take snacks and drinks to the saferoom and consume them in there. No food and drink is allowed in the playing area. You may take snacks and drinks into the shooting range.

How many guns can I hire on a point in the shooting range?

We only hire out one gun per point at a time. You are able to swap once during the hour for no extra charge.

How many guns of my own can I use on a point in the shooting range?

We ask that you only shoot one at a time - one person at a time. However, you may take as many of your own guns as you wish.

What is a shooting point?

A shooting point is a single booth where shooters shoot down range at various types of target. Presently we have four (4) shooting points. You may have three (3) people shoot one at a time at each point.

What is the cost of gun hire and what gun do I get?

Gun hire costs £5.00 and includes an M4 with a magazine of approximately 300 bbs.

Can I upgrade my basic hire weapon?

All hire weapons are M4s and cost £5.00.

What grenades am I able to use in the arena?

We only allow grenades which have no pyro, for example, Co2 grenades are fine.

Do you have an outdoor site?

Not at the moment, although watch this space for future developments.

What is UKARA?

The United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA) was formed in response to the 2006 Violent Crime Reduction Bill to enable a safe method of selling Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIFs) to the UK Airsoft player market. 

UKARA registration is only available to Airsoft Players over 18 years of age.

How do I gain UKARA registration?

To apply for registration, you must join a UKARA approved Skirmish Site and you must have fulfilled their membership criteria before you can be registered as a member of their site on our database. MPA Enterprises Ltd runs a UKARA registered airsoft site: Hockley Airsoft Arena and is also a UKARA registered retailer.

To gain full membership to our club you are required to play a minimum of three times over a period of two months. Once you have a full membership to the club you are entitled to apply to be added to the UKARA register. Please complete the paper form or online document and Amanda will register you. You will be required to present two forms of ID one has to be photographic and must have your current address.

Why do I have to play 3 times over 2 months?

This is the minimum requirement under the Violent Crimes Reduction Act.

What is a RIF?

A RIF is a Realistic Imitation Firearm. Airsoft weapons are replicas of real weapons. Those that are brightly colour are not classed as realistic, tan, camouflage and black weapons are all RIFs.

How old do I have to be to purchase an airsoft weapon?

18. This applies to two-tone weapons as well.

Do you repair guns?

Yes. Please bring in your broken item and discuss with our team and we can tell you if we are able to assist you. even one we have taken your item to be repaired, if for whatever reason we are unable to repair it we will not charge you for taking a look.

Will you Spring change my rifle?

We spring change rifle bought in our shop and only other weapons which are old enough to be out of warranty from their original place of purchase. The usual cost of a spring change is £25.00. Weapons with specially designed quick change springs are £15.00.

What days do you skirmish?

Thursday - 7pm-10pm

Friday - 7pm-10pm

Saturday - 6pm - 10pm

Sunday - 6pm - 10pm

Do I need to book in for a skirmish?

Yes. To guarantee your space please book in via telephone: 01702 202318, email or facebook. During busy periods we can get over subscribed and have to turn people away.


Is Nerf played in the dark?

No. We keep the lights on as this is the preference of the majority of the young participants.

Is the bomb real?

A question we are often asked. No the bomb is not real so if it isn't found we are not all going to blow up. :)

Do Nerf darts hurt?

Nerf darts can sting a little if they hit you in the neck or the face, especially if hit at close range.

Can parents go into the arena with any children who are scared?

Yes. As long as they wear a pair of safety glasses.




Do you host childrens parties?

Yes. We are more than happy to host children's parties either nerf parties (6 years and up)or airsoft parties (12 years and up). Parties are £180.00 for a 2 hour slot.

Do you provide hot or cold food for parties?

No. We don't currently have the facilities to provide hot food. However, we do sell drinks and snacks at reduced prices. We also allow you to bring your own food and drink along with the ever important birthday cake. Some of our previous parties have brought snack type party foods which we have helped arrange on the tables in the reception area, whilst others have ordered in pizza. We leave the decision on food up to you. When we send you your invitations we include a couple of menus as well from local establishments whom we know and trust for your perusal.

How long do the participants play for at the party?

Participants have a minimum of an hour playing Nerf. Depending on how long they take to listen to the briefing and select teams will depend on how much of the postential additional 30 mins they get to play. 

What time will they come out for food?

Food time is the final 30 minutes of the 2 hour party slot. So if a party is 11:00 to 1:00pm the participants will come out for food at 12:30.

Is there anywhere for me to sit whilst my children are in the arena playing?

Yes. We have sofas, a coffee table, tea and coffee for waiting parent/guardians. Please feel welcome to sit, chat and relax.

Is there an upper age limit to the people in the groups?

No. Airsoft and nerf are fantastic equal opportunities sports. All ages can play together and all sexes. Everyone is equal when you have a Nerf gun or an airsoft weapon. The fact that all ages can play together, makes birthdays a generational experience. We have catered for parties where everyone from teenagers through to grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents have all been in the arena shooting each other.

Do you host stag nights and hen nights?

Yes. We are more than happy to kick off your night with something different. There is no alcohol on site as this does not mix well with guns and is prohibited by our insurance. Get the party started with a mass adrenaline buzz........perhaps start the stag and hen night off together ladies against gentlemen before going off on your separate ways.

Do you host corporate events?

Yes. Airsoft and nerf are fabulous activities for team bonding, development of leadership skills as well as generally letting off steam. Activities can be based in both the arena and the target range to vary the experience during the morning/afternoon or day. We are also happy to mix up the day with airsoft and nerf, possibly one of the best ways to unwind. Please contact us on 01702 202318 or email and we will happily discuss your requirements. 


My question is not answered here what do I do?

Please call us on 01702 202318 or email we are always happy to discuss your questions.