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Practical Pistol - Is anyone ever going to beat Jon O????

Practical Pistol tonight. The last time to run this months course. Next week we start a brand new course for October. Jon O is currently still in the lead with a near perfect round and a whopping score of 5.024, with Rob P catching up with 4.231. New players always...

Online Store Online NOW!!

Well we've made a start....admittedly there is a very long way to go , but some of our products are starting to go up live on the site.  Still tweaking things here and there it a labour of love and a work in progress......


Hi, Welcome to our new look site and the start of our blog. Presently our site gives you information regarding the activities we have going on at Hockley Airsoft Arena. We are frantically adding to items to our online store and it will be going live shortly with a selected...